Never Lose Your Keys Again with ARX

Stop relying on paper, cold storage, and 3rd parties.

A recoverable self-custody wallet.

Recover your wallet using our unique social recovery protocol based on threshold cryptography.

A social approach to key recovery.

Built with security and ease of use in mind.

Eliminate single points of failure

With our wallet, you can assign trusted guardians to call on when you need to recover digital keys, secrets, or assets.

Create custom recovery protocols

Assign a weight to each guardian and create your custom recovery protocol.

Enable dynamic thresholds

Set-up more complex time-based or compute-based unlock requirements to meet your needs.

Your Keys, Your Identity


of crypto is lost forever due to misplaced keys.

Use our Social Recovery protocols to give you peace of mind.


with Web 2 and Web 3.

ARX helps you manage all keys, secrets, and recovery codes.


control of your assets.

Our wallet is the only recoverable self-custody solution for key management.

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